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Verona, 15-18 April 2018

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Unico filter - The all-in-one solution for small and medium producers

This filter is designed for small/medium manufacturers needing to filter their products (wines and lees) with a “SINGLE” solution, obtaining a filtered product of excellent quality with a turbidity below 1 NTU. That is why VLS Technologies has created the UNICO filtration system. Thanks to our filter it becomes possibile getting a good filtration of the product and reducing the microbiological flora; all of this by saving all the organoleptic characteristic of the product. Our filtering media can stand repeated regenerations with warm water and detergents: this means a longer lifespan. Technical Characteristics Our UNICO filter is available in different sizes with 1, 4, 7 and 10 filtering modules up to 60 hl/h. All the filters are realized in stainless steel with food degree polishing and they are placed, depending on the size, on stainless steel skids on wheels. The filter, depending on the size, are completed with pumps, housings and all the instrumentation necessary for correct operation and check of the safety parameters. It also includes pressure transducers, electronical flow meter, probe for temperature control, device for control of flow rate of the feed pump, tank for cleaning and for the dosing of detergents. All models are available in automatic and semi automatic version. In the latter the PLC handles all the operations – filling, filtration, discharge, washing- and constantly monitor all the parameters with no needs for operator’s intervention. Thanks to the touch screen it is possible to set all the phases, times and all the parameters necessary to the correct operation of the machine. Visit us at ENOLITECH Hall F Stand M7 http://www.vlstechnologies.it/en/services/filtro-unico/