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Verona, 15-18 April 2018

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Greentop CRM The management software for agriculture

Greentop it support you from the first light of day with the management of the collection center up to operations of loading and planning delivery , with managing all intermediate stages of processing and selection. Greentop allows a complete workflow with semplicity, facilitates everyday activities such as the arrival of goods, storage, marketing, administrative compliance and accounting, promotes the sharing of information between the different areas of the company, improves processes and reduces costs. Greentop is made with the latest Microsoft technology, is innovative, thanks to its contextual menu navigation, calendar inside, the document flow and connection with your accountant that will let you have a choice of solutions before today reserved for few companies. Greentop is connected to the barcode readers, RFID, PDA and portable terminals and is perfectly suited to your needs, thanks to functional cores and specific add-on, specially designed for the realities of farmers.