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Sacmi invests in the wine sector and creates the Wine&Spirits DivisionAnnouncement made following the purchase of long-standing Italian grape processing firm Defranceschi which completes and extends the Group’s already successful range of industry-related skills. The goal? To offer the industry com

Already a key player in the industry with cutting-edge BAG-IN-BOX, filling, labelling and end-of-line solutions, Sacmi has sharpened its focus on the wine world by purchasing Defranceschi, a long-standing designer and marketer of grape processing solutions. This has led to the creation of the Sacmi Wine&Spirits Division, which will include brands such as Defranceschi (grape presses, stalk removers, tanks, quality control equipment), Sacmi Verona (KUBE labellers) and Sacmi Packaging (BIB, end-of-line solutions etc.). This latest division will also draw on all the Group’s engineering, system architecture and automation know-how, acquired through decades of international experience. This ambitious operation completes a process rooted in the long history of the Sacmi Group, founded in 1919. After the second world war the Group become a major designer of crown cap manufacturing machines, a sector in which Sacmi is still world leader. Then came extensive experience in developing other closure types (aluminium caps, plastic caps) and, later again, the design of complete plants for the bottling of water and CSDs in PET and glass bottles. Lastly, in more recent years, the Group entered the food industry via the takeover of C&M Holding (chocolate processing and packaging) and established an Automation Division, the latter going on to design complete optical quality controls systems for production lines and utilisation in environmental analysis (Near-Infra-Read systems for in-the-field, non-destructive analysis of all organic products such as fruit and vegetables etc.). Constant research into filling solutions for both soft drinks and glass-bottled beer has allowed Sacmi to develop competitive machines that can easily be adapted to the wine world. The ability to provide highly successful oenological solutions (such as the latest offering from Sacmi Verona, the modular KUBE labeller with its extensive, acclaimed flexibility and efficiency) have, in combination with end-of-line synergies developed with the Sacmi Packaging division, laid the foundations for all-round entry into the wine industry. The last stage in the transition from ambition to reality involved the Group’s takeover of Defranceschi which – in addition to decades of experience in the sector – brings Sacmi considerable added value from a brand viewpoint (for example, Defranceschi is one of the few companies in the world with solutions certified by CIVC, the inter-professional French association of Champagne producers and traders). And that’s not all: the new Wine&Spirits Division will also receive considerable support from Sacmi as regards sensors – from quality control inspection systems that can be used directly on filling and labelling lines to advanced in-the-field and lab olfactory control systems developed by the NIR Division – thus allowing the Group to act as an all-round solutions provider across the entire wine-making process, from vineyard to bottle, from label to packaging, from palletization to shipment. Against the backdrop of an extremely dynamic market – world wine production is now set to break the 250,000,000 hectolitre barrier by 2019, offering good growth prospects, especially on the emerging markets of China and South Africa yet also on the main outlet market of the United States – Sacmi Wine&Spirits sees the “turnkey winery” as the key to effective positioning in the industry. This term refers to the winery not just as a place where wine is made and processed (areas where Sacmi already has a strong presence thanks to a recent agreement with the renowned international oenology lab) but also as a place where visitors can experience every aspect of the production philosophy, from design of the line to the complex sensorial experience that stems from the wine-making process. That’s why the main focus of the Division, alongside the production of processing and filling machines, will be the provision of complete wineries, places of technological and oenological excellence (and also status symbols) that aim to establish a new milestone in the Sacmi Group’s ongoing growth within the beverage industry. A global plant engineering player in the ceramics, packaging, plastics, automation & food processing industries, Sacmi achieves total sales of over 1.5 billion euro and has over 75 companies located in 30 countries worldwide; it also has over 4,000 employees, 1,000 of whom work at the parent company in Imola. A far-reaching sales network and the advanced after-sales assistance services provided by offices and branches all over the world make the Group the perfect provider of integrated and turnkey plant engineering solutions, tailor-made to suit the specific needs of customer and market. The Sacmi R&D facility, certified by top international players in the beverage industry, offers an essential service to all Group companies and provides customers with close support right from the design stage and throughout the working life of machine and plant.